‘You can’t do this’ Nutella fans outraged as the brand changes their beloved recipe

Nutella fans are outraged after discovering that the makers of their faourite spread have secretly tweaked their classic (and much loved) recipe.

Shoppers who buy their nutty, chocolate spread have expressed their anger after discovering that Ferrero, who make Nutella, have altered the recipe, making the jar’s ingredients appear lighter.

One of the changes is in the powdered skim milk content of the recipe. The makers behind Nutella have altered the amount of the ingredient so there is now 8.7% powdered skim milk in every jar, as opposed to the 7.5% in each pot of Nutella previously.

They have also increased the amount of sugar in each jar to 56.3%, up from 55.9%.

‘The quality … and all the other characteristics of Nutella remain the same,’ Ferrero told the Hamburg Consumer Protection Centre after commenting on altering the formula of their famous spread.

Nutella fans, however, aren’t so sure.

‘More sugar & fat, fewer hazelnuts,’ commented one angry fan, with another starting a hashtag stating ‘Don’t Mess With Nutella’: ‘SHAME!!!!!!! #DontMessWithNutella #Nutella’

‘You can’t do this, Nutella will be LESS chocolatey,’ said another heartbroken customer.

The change to the Nutella recipe comes after shoppers have grown increasingly angry over the fact that prices remain the same for shrinking products. Food products affected by the changes include Toblerone, Cadbury Freddo bars and Jaffa Cakes.

It’s not known yet whether the change in the ingredient for Nutella will affect the way it tastes when used in Nutella recipes. Here at GoodtoKnow, we’re partial to a Nutella cheesecake or homemade Nutella truffles.

So, what do you think? Will the change in the Nutella recipe stop you from buying the spread? Let us know your thoughts by posting in the comment box below!