The unhealthiest Christmas drink on the market revealed – and it might not be what you think

Now that the cold weather has hit, we all need a sugar-laden Christmas drink in our hands to warm us up.

And with more and more choices on the market each year, it gives us an excuse to be sipping on one everyday.

Because if we don’t try Costa’s Gingerbread & Cream hot chocolate and McDonald’s Millionaire Latte now, we’ll have to wait another whole year. So, it’s allowed right?

But, before your place your order, you might want to check out this new research, which has revealed the extraordinarily high amount of sugar and calories lingering within those merry little cups.

Researchers have found that some festive drinks can contain up to a whopping 14 spoonfuls of sugar.

The study commissioned by, looked at a range of festive menus from five of the country’s most popular coffee shops; Caffè Nero, Pret a Manger, Greggs, Costa and Starbucks. Worryingly, they discovered some of Christmassy beverages contained over half of an adult’s recommended daily sugar allowance.

And, the worst culprit for sugar on the high street?

While some may think it might be the most popular and notoriously indulgent Starbucks or Costa, it is in fact the more understated Caffè Nero.

sugar in christmas drinks

Credit: OnBuy

The high street staple nabs the top two spots for the most sugary drinks with their Belgian Truffle Hot Chocolate and Winter Spiced Hot Chocolate, which contain 14.2 teaspoons and 12.9 teaspoons of sugar respectively.

It’s no surprise that hot chocolate drinks topped the sugar tables, with Pret a Manger’s Orange Hot Chocolate and Mint Hot Chocolate coming in next with 12.6 and 12.5 teaspoons, respectively.

Costa Coffee

But if you’re a hot chocolate fan don’t fear, Costa has come to the rescue with their Caramelised Orange Hot Chocolate, which contains almost half the sugar of the Caffè Nero favourite.

When it came to calories?

Pret’s Orange Hot Chocolate was the biggest hitter,with 454kcal for one drink. Second on the list for the most calories was also Pret, with their 452kcal Mint Hot Chocolate.

So the “healthiest” Christmas drinks on the market?

Well, good news for coffee lovers because the festive lattes flood the bottom of the table.

Costa’s Caramelised Orange Latte contains the least sugar with 5.1 teaspoons, while it’s Caffè Nero’s Salted Caramel Latte that takes the crown for least calories with 153kcal.

Then again, it is approaching Christmas so a little yuletide warmer here and there may not be so bad.

Just try and stick to the old adage, everything in moderation.