Waitrose have launched a chocolate avocado perfect for Easter and shoppers are already going wild for it

If you know someone who loves all things avo – you’ll have to show them the Waitrose chocolate avocado which launched today (19 February).

The nation’s obsession with avocados shows no sign of fading and if anything, it’s growing. With the first dedicated avocado restaurant in London – Avobar – and the vegan avocado chocolate bar that launched last year, it is perhaps no surprise that a chocolate replica of the fruit would emerge.

Perfect for Easter, the egg-citing new launch from Waitrose is a picture perfect chocolate model of the popular toast topping.

The shell and stone of the ‘avocado’ are Belgian chocolate, made with 70 per cent cocoa. The flesh of the avocado is made using white chocolate and natural food colouring to imitate the well-known green flesh of the fruit.

Despite looking just like a giant avocado, the replica is 100 per cent chocolate and has no avocado flavouring.

Image: Waitrose

The Waitrose Chocolate Avocado costs £8 and is available in branches nationwide and online from the 19th February.

Chocolate lovers were quick to share their egg-citement for the new launch on social media, after the supermarket posted a teaser picture of the product on Instagram.

Lots of users took the opportunity to tag their friends and family and drop one or two not so subtle hints…

One person wrote: ‘Looks amazing! Can’t wait to try this.’ Another added: ‘Avocados, white choc..?!? Whats not to love?!’

However, some people were disappointed that the avocado chocolate egg was not vegan. One person commented: ‘Pretty d*** stupid to put milk in it when every vegan is obsessed with avocado and 2018 is the year of vegan food… Get with the program waitrose!’

Another wrote: ‘Waitrose, this was your chance to win best Easter egg of the year… Vegans all over the country are shaking their head at you. Unfortunately I cannot purchase.’

Would you or someone you know love to wake up to this chocolate avocado on Easter or has the craze gone too far? We would love to hear you opinions, comment in the box below or join the conversation over on our social media pages!