Britain could face a turkey shortage this Christmas

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  • While there are so many delicious reasons why we look forward to our Christmas dinner each year, there’s one in particular that reigns supreme.

    Stuffing? Not quite. Brussels sprouts? Hardly. Crispy pigs in blankets? Nearly.

    We’re talking, of course, about the turkey.

    While it might not be a favourite for everyone, there’s no question that many people will be planning a  roast turkey centerpiece for their Christmas dinner table on December 25.

    So we’re sorry to be the bearers of bad news, but we have some devastating news for you.

    Across the country, we could be facing a turkey shortage this December.

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    According to experts, we could be short of the Christmas classic this year due to a supply ban by the European Union.

    Research carried out by purchasing company Beacon suggests that turkey producers are under pressure after the EU banned a number of major supplies from Brazil shipping to the continent.

    And now that December has hit and the whole nation is heading to their local supermarkets to pick out the biggest and most extravagant turkeys on offer, the increased demand that inevitably comes with Christmas means that prices could rise in order to stop them from selling out.

    ‘Our insight implies that we may well see a shortage of turkeys this Christmas as the result of a culmination of different global factors in 2018,’ Alice Bexon, Beacon Purchasing Manager, told Cost Sector Catering.

    britain could face turkey shortage

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    ‘While large retailers will have their turkey quota already assured, we may see independent retailers and hospitality businesses being hit hardest by lowered stock levels and increased prices,’ Alice continued.

    She explains that the increased prices are likely to be passed onto the consumer, raising costs when it comes to the festive bird.

    ‘This comes at a time when economic uncertainty is at its highest; with Brexit just around the corner, the future of supply chains, particularly in the hospitality sector, is under question,’ added Alice.

    ‘Coupled with increased costs being seen across many food and drink items we may see Brits swapping their traditional turkey for alternatives such as goose, chicken or vegetarian options.

    ‘Family feasts around the country could look quite different this Christmas.’