Co-op are selling two pizzas and four beers – for just £5

Want the perfect night in on a budget? The Co-op are offering a brilliant deal that will have you tucking in for less.

Pizza and beer is a weekend staple, but the cost of both these things can add up, especially when takeaways are involved. Thankfully for you pizza lovers out there, the Co-op are selling two pizzas and a four pack of beer for just £5!

Customers will end up saving more money than they spend, as the original price for this bargain bundle costs £10.60.

There is a catch though, only two pizzas are available in the £5 deal. Customers can choose between Co-op’s Thin & Crispy Margherita Pizza and Thin & Crispy Pepperoni Pizza. You can chose one of each, or two of the same, whichever you prefer.

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Credit: Co-op

The Budweiser on offer is 4 x 300ml bottles, so make sure you pick up the right ones before heading to the till. There are also non-alcoholic drinks available if you’d prefer, with the choice of Diet Coke or Regular Coke, making this deal suitable for everyone.

The Co-op’s deal is available until 6th August, and can also be found in Nisa’s and Costcutter’s around the country, which is ideal if you don’t have a Co-op nearby.

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NUS Card holders can get an extra 10 per cent off, and Co-op members can get 5 per cent back on pizza, which is hard to say no to.

Pizza is surprisingly easy to make, and if you’d rather have a go at doing it yourself, we have a great sourdough pizza recipe. Better yet, it’s from one of the chefs at London pizza joint Franca Manca, so you know it’s good!

Now you’ve got a great excuse to plan a pizza party between now and 6th August. Better get a move on whilst stocks last! Who will you share your pizzas with?