Emoji recipes: Yes, you can now EAT emojis

It’s fair to say that emojis are absolutely everywhere. And now, you can even eat some of your favourite emoji characters in none other than cake form!

If you and your kids are fans of the beloved emoji and you find it hard to text a sentence without filling it with all sorts of weird and wonderful icons, you’re going to love these fantastic cake recipes.

You can now make and eat emojis thanks to these brilliant new recipes from Jenni Powell’s new cookbook Cakemoji, including a very cheeky threesome of monkeys, an epic robot cake and not forgetting one of our favourite ever emojis – the poop icon, in cupcake form!

We have a feeling you and the kids are going to have a lot of fun with these…

Emoji poop cupcakes

Get the recipe: Emoji poop cupcakes

There is so much fun to be had making these emoji poop cupcakes. Think of the joy on your little one’s face as they get to pipe that classic poo twist and finish with a set of edible googley eyes. Pure joy!

Emoji robot cake

Get the recipe: Emoji robot cake

We love the robot emoji so much that we’re already secretly planning an opportunity to make it! How amazing would this cake be for a special occasion like a birthday? Especially if it’s a robot-themed bash – even better!

Emoji monkey cupcakes

Get the recipe: Emoji monkey cupcakes

Yes, you can now make these ridiculously cheeky monkeys at home – aren’t they just adorable? Each monkey is popped on top of a delicious stack of mini chocolate cakes but you can pop your monkeys on just about anything you like. Yes, that includes directly into your mouth if you’re that way inclined.

Each recipe is super simple to follow with a step-by-step picture guide. We’d recommend starting with the poop cupcakes first as they’re so easy and ideal for beginners.

Like those? You’ll love this lot too!

The emoji fun doesn’t stop there. Oh no. We’ve been inspired by these amazing new recipes and have given the edible emoji creating a go ourselves. Say hello to hot dog cupcakes, emoji face pancakes and panda cupcakes. You’ll want to try them all!

Emoji face pancakes

Get the recipe: Emoji face pancakes

If you love whipping up a batch of pancakes every weekend for brunch you have to try making this lot! From heart eyes to sticking out tongue faces, you can make a whole heap of emoji faces on nothing more than your average frying pan!

Lion cupcakes

Get the recipe: Lion cupcakes

These lion cupcake decorations are so much easier to make than they may look! And they’re ridiculously cute too – how are we supposed to eat them?!

Balloon cake toppers

Get the recipe: Balloon cake toppers

Any birthday cake or cupcake won’t be complete without one, two or maybe even three of these magical fondant balloons. Stick with red fondant to make them just like the emoji!

Hotdog cupcakes

Get the recipe: Hotdog cupcakes

You really won’t believe what these mini hot dogs are made from! Not real hot dogs of course, something much much sweeter. Can you guess?

Panda cupcakes

Get the recipe: Panda cupcakes

These have to be our favourites! Just like the cute panda emoji you can make these coconut covered panda faces. They’re easy peasy!

What’s your favourite emoji? Which one do you use over and over again? And which of these emoji recipes will you be trying? Comment below!