Survey reveals 25 recipes kids should be able to cook by 11 years old

Is your cherub the next Jamie Oliver in the making? Or does your little one want to have nothing more to do with food than eat it? Here are 25 recipes every child should be able to cook by time they’re 11 years old.

A survey conducted by Samsung surveyed 2,000 British parents, asking
them to name the recipes they believed children should be able to cook
by the age of 11.

According to recent research children’s kitchen skills have diminished
by a third over the past 25 years, largely because of the rise of ready
meals and convenience food. And with less and less cookery classes being
taught at school, its no wonder kids have no clue when it comes to
rustling up what we’d call the ‘classics’.

Not only will teaching your child how to cook give you a break from the
kitchen, it’ll also encourage them to learn about the foods they eat and
love them too cutting down on fussy eaters and more importantly food

From spaghetti Bolognese to classic scones, how many of these recipes can your
little one cook – with or without parental guidance? We bet you’re in
for a surprise!

25 recipes your child should be able to cook by 11 years old

1. Spaghetti Bolognese

Get the recipe: Spaghetti Bolognese

2. Scrambled egg on toast

Get the recipe: Scrambled egg on toast

3. Omelette

Get the recipe: Omelette

4. Jacket potato with baked beans

Get the recipe: Jacket potato with baked beans

5. Cheese on toast

Get the recipe: Cheese on toast

6. Cottage pie

Get the recipe: Cottage pie

7. Sausage and mash

Get the recipe: Sausage and mash

8. Pasta bake

Get the recipe: Pasta bake

9. Stir fry

Get the recipe: Stir fry

10. Porridge

Get the recipe: Porridge

11. Dippy egg and soldiers

Get the recipe: Dippy egg and soldiers

12. Stew or casserole

Get the recipe: Stew or casserole

13. Pancakes

Get the recipe: Pancakes

14. Pizza from scratch

Get the recipe: Pizza from scratch

15. Lasagne

Get the recipe: Lasagne

16. Macaroni cheese

Get the recipe: Macaroni cheese

17. Fairy cakes

Get the recipe: Fairy cakes

18. Roast chicken

Get the recipe: Roast chicken

19. Chilli con carne

Get the recipe: Chilli con carne

20. Beef burgers

Get the recipe: Beef burgers

21. Meatballs

Get the recipe: Meatballs

22. Victoria sponge

Get the recipe: Victoria sponge

23. Chocolate Rice Krispies or Cornflake cakes

Get the recipe: Chocolate Rice Krispies or Cornflake cakes

24. Apple crumble

Get the recipe: Apple crumble

25. Scones

Get the recipe: Scones

Something missing off the list? Comment below and tell us what your little one can make!