Is THIS the secret to finding a limited edition white chocolate Cadbury Creme Egg?

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  • Creme Egg lovers have been in a frenzy ever since a very exciting announcement was made last week.

    Cadbury revealed that they would be selling a limited edition version of the popular sweet treat from 1 January – 1 April this year.

    While all of the goodies will still feature the iconic fondant yolk filling, a special batch of the eggs will be coated in white chocolate.

    But fans of the Easter staple were left distressed after learning that getting their hands on one of the new Creme Eggs wouldn’t be as easy as simply picking one off the shelf in a supermarket.

    To make the release into a game, Cadbury decided to wrap the white eggs in exactly the same foil as the regular milk chocolate versions.

    Those lucky enough to find one could also be in with the chance of winning up to £2,000 as lots of cash prizes have been hidden inside too.

    Many hit Twitter to vent their frustration at discovering partly unwrapped Creme Eggs in local stores.

    ‘Just been to Sainsbury’s to buy a Creme Eggs all looked like this’, one user of the social networking site wrote alongside a picture of an egg with torn foil.

    ‘Someone has been opening them to find a white chocolate egg. Can’t see many people wanting to purchase them now someone’s had their grubby hands all over them.’

    Another said: ‘this white creme egg thing just means every single creme egg has been unwrapped and touched by some randoms in tesco’.

    But turns out there’s a better way to go about your quest to find one of the coveted white chocolate Creme Eggs, with a surprisingly simple hack that’ll help you locate the gooey-centred white chocolate confectionery without having to unwrap them.

    According to Metro, all you have to do is take a closer look at the information on the packaging.

    If you’ve been lucky enough to nab one of the new eggs, ‘milk chocolate’ will be replaced with ‘white chocolate’ on the list of ingredients.

    Will you be trying this hack to find white chocolate Creme eggs?