10 memorable times Mary Berry was one seriously saucy minx

The Great British Bake Off has become famous for its saucy sayings over the past few years. Paul and Mary with their ‘soggy bottoms’ and Mel and Sue with their ‘large jugs’ – you only need to get about 10 minutes into one episode to see what we mean!

One of our favourite innuendo masters who often slips under the radar is of course the queen of Bake Off, Mary Berry.

We love Mary Berry here at GoodtoKnow. She’s given us so much joy over the past few years of watching her in action on The Great British Bake Off – and we’ll miss her terribly now that she’s leaving the show!

When compared to Paul Hollywood, judge Mary is nowhere near as controversial on the show or to the contestants as Paul. Well, that’s until now, because we’ve rounded up some of Mary Berry’s best ‘saucy minx’ moments – and from stiff meringues to naughty finger licking, there have been plenty of times when the 81-year-old has well and truly made us laugh out loud with her antics.

Prepare yourselves…

1. That time she made meringues interesting

Image: BBC/Love Productions

Need we say more?

2. That time when Mary revealed she’s up for anything

Image: BBC/Love Productions

Nothing will ever come between Mary and a slice of cake – NOTHING.

3. And we mean – ANYTHING

Image: BBC/Love Productions

See how saucy she is!

4. When she made season three winner John Whaite’s day

Image: BBC/Love Productions

‘Your lovely sausage!’ – steady on there Mary!

5. When there just wasn’t enough alcohol for Mary’s liking

Image: BBC/Love Productions

Gin, vodka, tequila – she’s a woman after our own hearts.

6. The moment when she made our Christmas with that famous wink

Image: BBC/Love Productions

We’re not even sure what she’s winking about, but whatever it is – we approve.

7. When one of the contestants impressed her – big time!

Image: BBC/Love Productions

Oh Mary…

8. When she broke the first rule of baking

Image: BBC/Love Productions

Never lick your fingers when baking Mary – you know this!

9. That time she (may have) let us in on a secret about Paul Hollywood

Image: BBC/Love Productions

Ooh, er Mary!

10. And not forgetting that time she got SUPER glammed up for the National Television Awards

That’s one glam grandma!

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