Waitrose launch frosé popsicles into their stores and our summer is now complete

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  • Step aside, Calippos. This newest, boozy-flavoured ice offering may just make your favourite fruity push-up a thing of the past.

    Frozen rosé popsicles are now available in Waitrose in the form of Mirabeau. The award-winning classic rosé is a must-have in the summer months, a Provençal favourite for sunny days and garden drinks.

    With the rising popularity of frosé (we guess a lukewarm glass of Pinot down the pub isn’t good enough anymore), this upgraded version is set to be even more popular. For just £3 a lolly, it’s cheaper than you’d be paying for a glass of the icy treat elsewhere, too.

    Blended with English strawberry essence, it’s basically a ready-to-go cocktail to get you through the summer heat wave. Plus, the millennial pink packaging is just too irresistible.

    If you’re not a rosé fan, but still want to join in the fun, POPS ice-lollies for grown-ups have got you covered.

    They’ve got a classic champagne blend if you prefer your bubbles without the pink, a refreshing watermelon martini flavour and even everyone’s BBQ favourite – a good old Pimm’s. We better start making some room in the freezer!

    If that wasn’t enough to tempt you, ranging from 3.8% to 4.8% ABV, the popsicles are low calorie and made of natural ingredients. What’s not to love?!

    Or if you’re more of a G&T kinda girl, supermarket giant Sainsbury’s have just the thing for you this summer. Their Gin & Tonic Ice Pops come with a twist of lemon and lime, or you could try the classic Aldi’s Gin & Tonic Alcohol Ice Popsicles that were a sell-out last summer.

    They even have a Cosmopolitan flavour for those girly nights in or a Buck’s Fizz flavour if you want a naughty way to start the day.

    Whichever flavour you decide on, and let’s face it it’s a tough decision, it looks like the nation’s new favourite boozy way to cool down is out in full force.

    Sorry kids, these lollies are just for the adults!