10 times GBBO’s Andrew reacted perfectly to life’s biggest problems

It can get very stressful in The Great British Bake Off

tent. But one baker has seemed to have more ups and down than anyone else.

Yes, we’re talking about Andrew Smyth.

From escaping elimination to being crowned star baker this week, he’s been on a bit of a roller coaster ride during his time on the show.

But we don’t just love Andrew for his delicious looking roulade, he’s also provided some of the best facial expressions from the entire series. Whether it’s tears, triumphs… or proudly wearing his bread basket on it head, we’re all just like Andrew at heart.

We’ve rounded up the times Andrew’s facial expressions were the perfect reactions to life’s biggest problems…

1. When someone tells you they’ve been to the gym every day this week

Every day? We’re far too busy for that. Running up the stairs counts as exercise right?

2. When your friend asks who finished the bottle of wine

Ahem… guilty! You have no regrets.

3. When you’re the first one at the buffet and can’t help yourself

No one will notice if it’s a couple of cocktail sausages short…

4. When someone takes the last biscuit

Image: BBC/ Love Productions
There’s nothing you can do except sit there and pretend you’re not hurting inside.

5. When you’re told it’s last orders at the bar

It’s always too soon.

6. When the kids make you a present and then make you wear it

Image: BBC/ Love Productions
Because you appreciate the effort they put in. Whether it’s made of bread or clay you will always love it. Even if it’s not the most comfortable thing in the world.

7. When the kids Just. Won’t. Go. To. Sleep

How can they still be running round the house at 11pm?

8. But then they finally do go to sleep and life is good

Thank goodness. You thought it would never happen.

9. When your partner asks if you fancy a take away

Image: BBC/ Love Productions
YES. You thought they would never ask and it’s genuinely the highlight of your week.

10. When the kids ask where babies come from

Image: BBC/ Love Productions
Oh no no no no no. Not now. You’re not ready for this.