17 reasons we’ll miss Val from The Great British Bake Off

The Great British Bake Off made a VALiant return to our screens at the end of August, and retired headmistress Val became on of our favourites of the series. But after a tough pastry week, she had to leave the Bake Off tent and it really won’t be the same without her.

From listening to her cakes, unusual techniques (like using a broom handle to roll dough!) and that amazing Noah’s ark loaf, Val will always be the show’s TRUE star. Here are all the reasons Val will be well and truly missed.

1. Her emotional leaving speech showed us just how lovely she is

Try not to cry as she says: ‘When you bake, you bake for a reason and you make it with love’. What a true queen.

2. She knew exactly how to make that perfect pastry

You can’t argue with that.

3. She showed us a brilliant new way to slice dough

We’re always going to be using dental floss to cut our pastry from now on.

4. When she managed to make a Bakewell tart and she didn’t even have half the recipe

What a pro. Although she did tell Sue she made one every week, so we’re not that surprised she knows her way around a tart.

5. She used her strength to get that perfect bake

Only a master of the kitchen could swing a piping bag so elegantly.

6. She’s wasn’t afraid to try new things

Something tells us Val has a pinterest board for baking hacks. Who needs a rolling pin when you have a rolling broom?

7. Her fear of being exiled from her hometown was endearing

Val’s dubious first batch of Yorkshire puddings caused her to fret that the good people of Yorkshire may never let her come back… but all was A-OK once she sorted out her second batch. Do Yorkshire proud, Val!

8. Her pride in her lace pancake artistry

Image: BBC/Love Productions
‘This is the last one – BUT, they’re very Jackson Pollock.’ And then she giggled like the cutie she is.

9. Her chill-out session with her Yorkshires

She always gives her bakes the extra special attention they deserve.

10. Her on-the-spot reasons why her ark had a lot of lonely bread animals…

This is just Val’s world and we’re all just living in it.

11. Her workout skills were truly amazing

Only a true master of the kitchen can balance baking a cake and dancing at the same time. Val dazzled us with her moves, showing us that there’s never an excuse not to get moving. Plus, surely it will burn off all the calories you’ll get from eating the cake… right?

12. She actually listened to her cakes and they told her when they’re ready

Sure, the colour, texture and rise of a cake are just some ways to tell when it’s ready to come out the oven, but Val’s technique trumped them all. She actually listened to her cakes to figure out whether they’re done or not. Okay, it might not be the most traditional method, but we’ll all be trying it now…

13. Her ‘sturdy’ breezeblock of a drizzle cake

Paul Hollywood asking ‘Where’s the drizzle?!’ is not exactly what you’d want to hear after he took a bite of your drizzle cake. But although Val’s drizzle failed on the moistness front, we’d definitely still eat a slice (or slab, judging by the size of it).

14. Her incident with the primroses

Our hearts stopped briefly when she dropped her beautiful primroses on the floor during her the signature bake. However, Val just popped them back on saying ‘we’ll get away with it’, like a true professional. Glad to see she’s as much of a fan of the five-second rule as we are.

15. She flirted with Paul Hollywood and it was truly brilliant

Even criticism from Paul over her showstopper bake didn’t seem to phase her. That wink she gave him as she walked back to her bench saying ‘see me later’ was everything.

16. Her stress relief strategy

It’s no secret that the Bake Off tent gets pretty stressful at times. Even from the first episode there were tears, dropped sponges and cakes thrown at walls. Fortunately, Val has her own way of handing the pressure.

Sue: ‘What do you do when you need to relieve stress?’
Val: ‘I usually bake!’
Sue: ‘That’s difficult then isn’t it.’

16. She showed us the best way to cool a cake

Waft it Val. Waft it.

17. She’s an Ed Sheeran fan

Not only is Val a truly entertaining baker, she also has great music taste. We just weren’t ready for The Hollywood to send her home!

Val. Queen of the kitchen. Queen of our hearts. What are we going to do without her?