Food hack: How to make buttermilk

Learn how to make buttermilk with our easy step-by-step recipe.

Buttermilk tends to be one of those ingredients that pops up in a recipe every now and then and you usually don’t have it in the fridge. But never fear, those days of being buttermilk-less are over!

Buttermilk is traditionally a drink, but it is often used in baking. When combined with baking soda, it reacts to form carbon dioxide which helps cakes, waffles, scones, and bread rise.

Buttermilk can also be used to marinade meat in, as the acidity can help make meat more tender and in turn more flavoursome. This explains why buttermilk is a key ingredients in many chicken recipes.

It is sometimes hard to get your hands on buttermilk in supermarkets – but this handy hack will mean you can whip up some yourself if you’re ever in need.

This nifty food hack shows you how you can make buttermilk at home with only two ingredients – milk and lemon, and just a little bit of patience too!

It doesn’t take much to make buttermilk. All you need is to mix 250ml milk with 1 tablespoon of lemon juice and leave it for 5 minutes. Just watch our video here to find out more.

It will change colour and texture, making buttermilk, which you can use in the same way as you’d use buttermilk in the recipe.

Buttermilk is a soured milk with a yellow colouring. It should look look thin and cloudy in colour.

It’s is so easy to make at home. Once you’ve mastered this trick, they’ll be no need for the shop-bought version again!

Just remember, the longer you keep buttermilk it will continue to ferment and become more acidic over time, so make sure you keep track of the use-by-date.

Try making buttermilk pancakes with your freshly made buttermilk, or how about using as a marinade to make buttermilk chicken or even whip up a batch of homemade buttermilk scones.