How to stack pancakes like a pro: The best pancake stacks we’ve ever seen

Pancake fans, are you ready to see some of the best pancake stacks we’ve ever spied on the world of Pinterest? Are you ready to become a pancake stacking pro? Are you ready to have your minds blown by crazy pancake creations? We thought so.

With Pancake Day in sight, it’s time to ditch that diet and feast your eyes and tastebuds on these incredible pancake stacks instead. We’ve got everything from the neatly stacked stack to the messy ‘is it really considered a stack?’ stack.

It’s time to learn how to stack pancakes like a pro…

1. It’s all about the neat layers

Get the recipe: Lemon pancakes with lemon syrup and blueberries

Neat layers will keep your pancake stack in place. If you’re opting for a cream filling, like this beauty, make sure you keep it within the pancake lines. It will help the whoel tower stand up (and look more pro).

2. If you’re opting for filling in your stack, you might as well pack it full

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Well, if you’re pushing the boat out with a pancake stack you might as well push the boat out even further and pack your pancake stack full of filling. We’ve been drooling over this saucy little number – a double-stuffed Oreo pancake stack. Yes, we know.

3. It’s not all about the straight stack either!

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If you want to avoid the leaning tower of pancakes, we’d recommend stacking them randomly instead. Just flop one on top of the other and build them up. A little chocolate here and there, a sprinkle of nuts or berries and ta-dah!

4. An even amount of filling in each layer makes a difference

Get the recipe: Mango and honey pancakes

An even amount of filling in each layer will make a huge difference in the ‘walking test’ from kitchen to living room. The same size pieces of fruit or the same amount of ice cream will stop any pancake casualties.

5. Mini stacks work just as well

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So you can’t handle the big guns? That’s ok, little pancake stacks work just as well. You could even help their balance by popping a lolly pop or cocktail stick in the centre to hold them in place. Plus they just look adorable (yes, we just described pancakes as ‘adorable’!)

6. Consider the perfect pancake to filling ratio

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The perfect balance of fillings and pancake will make the perfect combination. If you’re stacking thick pancakes, you can go for a chunkier filling. If you’re going for thin crepes, go for a lighter filling so they stack better without tearing any precious pancakes.

7. Messy works just as much as a neat stack

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If you don’t care about the neatness of your stack, focus on the messiness of your stack. The messier the stack of pancakes, the higher you should (emphasis on should) be able to stack them. Please see our ridiculously indulgent example above.

8. Stack the rainbow

Get the recipe: Rainbow pancakes

All the professionals are doing it, darling – turning their pancake stacks into works of art. If you’re feeling arty farty, it’s time to roll up those sleeves and get out that food colouring. Pancakes aren’t going to colour themselves, you know!

9. Give those stacks some sex appeal with a drizzle of syrup

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What would a pancake stack be without a gentle drizzle of maple syrup, or golden syrup, or honey?! Your pancake stack will turn a few heads, that’s for sure. Save the drizzle for when you serve for added drama!

10. If you can pull off the balancing act, you’re a true stack master

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It’s every pancake master’s dream – to pull of the balancing act. If you can stack your pancakes high and manage to balance berries or chocolate on top, you should hold your head high. 

11. More is more, so don’t stop loading it up!

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Filling? Check. Topping? Check. Extra filling? Extra topping? If all else fails, pile your pancake stack high and be the talk of the pancake party. We’ll be dreaming of this delicious beast tonight and we bet you will too…