How to make triple cooked chips

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  • You don't need to go down to your local chippy to enjoy some delicious chips - just put together these triple cooked chips at home with this tasty recipe.

    Triple cooked chips are the ultimate in fried comfort food. Fluffy and soft on the inside and incredibly crunchy on the outside, these little chaps are the perfect side for nearly any dinner you can think of – home cooked steak, fish recipes, chicken recipes, or even just a big salad.

    In fact, we think triple cooked chips are so delicious that they are good enough to be a meal in themselves. Sprinkled with salt and served up with ketchup or aioli, these delicious fried potatoes are super satisfying and moreish. To make sure we got the best recipe for triple cooked chips possible we went to chef Chantelle Nicholson from Tredwell’s restaurant in London. Her secret is steaming the spuds before freezing them, then frying them twice. This combination gives the chips the crispiest finish.

    If you like, you can dress these triple cooked chips up in any way you fancy – try sprinkling with Cajun spice mix after they’ve been cooked, garlic salt or even giving them a good grating of Parmesan at the end of cooking. This recipe serves four people, so make sure to scale everything up or down depending on how many people you’re feeding. If you want to get ahead you can steam and freeze these chips up to a week before you want to fry them. They’ll keep fine in the freezer, and that will cut out two steps for you on the day you want to have them.

    When whipping up these triple cooked chips, ensure that you make them with large potatoes, rather than a selection of smaller potatoes, such as new potatoes. Not only will it be much easier to achieve that classic chip shape and size, it’ll also give you a lot more of that fluffy filling that everyone loves so much.

    We’ve also opted for vegetable oil for the deep frying, but you could also use sunflower, avocado, or rice bran oil, depending on what you have to hand. One oil that doesn’t work for deep frying however is olive oil, as it has a smoke point of just 360 degrees, which is not hot enough.


    • 4 large potatoes (a variety like Lovers, Chippers Choice, Agria or Fontaine)
    • vegetable oil, for deep frying
    • table salt

    How to make triple cooked chips: