Squirrel cupcakes

Make squirrel cupcakes as cute autumn cakes, or make the toppers to create an autumnal theme on a big cake. Our cupcake queen Victoria Threader shows you how to make these fondant designs with our easy step by step picture guide


Makes 6 toppers

  • ½ batch basic cupcakes
  • ½ batch chocolate buttercream
  • 50g chocolate fondant
  • 195g white modelling paste
  • 5g black fondant
  • Black sugar pearls for the eyes (or black fondant)
  • Wafer paper Autumn leaves (Victoria uses Just Lift Peel and Munch)
  • Edible glue
  • Pink sprinkles
  • 1 strand dried spaghetti
  • Cornflour, for dusting (optional)