Lidl is now selling boxes of ‘wonky veg’ for just £1.50

It’s time to join the ‘zero waste’ team.

These days the topic of zero waste is on the tip of everyone’s tongues.

From heartbreaking news scenes of animals living amongst plastic to climate change scares and the environmental issues that surround them, we are being made more and more aware of how important it is that we reduce waste.

And now supermarket Lidl has joined the crusade against excess waste. The bargain store is rolling out boxes of ‘wonky’ or imperfect fruit and veg in a bid to try and tackle waste.

In general, supermarkets only sell produce that meets a certain visual criteria in order to appeal to shoppers. Anything ‘wonky’ usually gets thrown out, despite being perfectly good to eat.

Now 5kg boxes will be filled with a variety of produce that is no longer perfect enough to sell at full price, but still good enough to eat without a problem.

From 8am today the ‘Too Good To Waste’ boxes, priced at £1.50 each, will be selling across 122 selected Lidl stores. Anything leftover will be donated to food banks.

The scheme is currently on trial, but if successful will be put into place across all 710 branches of the price-cutting shop.

It’s predicted that if this is fully rolled out it could save up 10,000 tonnes of surplus fruit and veg a year.

Lidl is aiming to encourage shoppers to go for fresh fruit and veg that would have otherwise gone to waste, while at the same time giving customers unparalleled prices on perfectly enjoyable produce so that they can cut household costs.

Nice one, Lidl!