Like Ferrero Rocher? You’ll love these…

One thing we truly love about Christmas is when our favourite chocolate treats come out to play. One of which are Ferrero Rocher, a nutty, crisp, rich chocolate ball of delight.

They’re a little pricey to buy but we think they’re truly worth every penny.

If you like Ferrero Rocher as much as we do, you’re going to seriously love this collection…

The epic Ferrero Rocher cake

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Wow, just wow. This chocolate cake is topped with neatly placed Ferrero Rocher, swirls of Nutella and a Nutella based frosting too. Forks at the ready!

The ‘get in my mouth’ brownies

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What? Ferrero Rocher brownies – what a genius idea! We’re definitely going to be rustling up a batch of these chocoholic dreams on Christmas Eve for the whole family to enjoy.

The must-make Ferrero Rocher cupcakes

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If you’re bored of the same old chocolate cupcake it’s time to give them a new lease of life – Ferrero Rocher cupcakes filled with Nutella and topped with, you guessed it, a delicious Ferrero Rocher.

The chocoholic cheesecake

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We just can’t stop staring at this mouth-watering Ferrero Rocher chocolate cheesecake complete with chocolate drizzle. Give us a slice now!

The naughty torte

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Yep, it’s another ooey gooey chocolate mess that we can’t wait to stuff into our mouths. This rich and chocolate packed torte is a showstopper at best with Ferrero Rocher in the filling and decorated on top too.

The ‘give it to me now’ Ferrero Rocher tray bake

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Chocolate sponge, chocolate ganache topping with what looks like a marshmallow or even double cream filling – we don’t care which, either would be amazing! Christmas Day dessert?

The ice cream cheesecake made with Ferrero Rocher (yes, really!)

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Ok, now we’ve seen everything. This Ferrero Rocher based dessert is an ice cream cheesecake packed with Ferrero Rocher, topped with Ferrero Rocher and drizzled in (no, surprisingly not Ferrero Rocher) melted chocolate. Mmmm…

The mousse brownie tart thing

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Is it a brownie? Is it a mousse? Is it a tart? We just don’t care as it looks amazing and we want to eat it right now…

The fancy panna cotta

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Eek! It’s a panna cotta made with Ferrero Rocher – what a great idea! We think our friends would be pretty impressed with this sweet treat gracing it’s presence at the next dinner party.