#NadiyaBakes: “Being mum is first and foremost my most important job”

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  • In the latest instalment of her exclusive #NadiyaBakes blog, Nadiya shares some exciting news and reveals what went into making a towering cake for the National Television Awards’ after party – when the Bake Off team celebrated its win!

    So I was lulled into a sense of security post the winter holidays. I had a week off in the run up to the New Year and after all the over indulgence (and not a laptop in sight!), I found it a struggle to get back into the swing of things. We spent the week cooking slow, belly-hugging stews, baking gingerbread with the kids and watching hours of television in our pyjamas.
    Then the New Year kicked off with a bang! It was announced that I will have a cookbook released in June and a children’s cookbook released in September. Exciting times, but one of the busiest times of my life. I was a guest on Loose Women and baked them the most calorie-laden millionaire’s shortbread cake, which it’s safe to say they enjoyed – I didn’t see it after the end of the show.

    “This night was special for all of us”

    Nadiya pictured at the National Television Awards with her husband, Abdal

    Being mum is first and foremost my most important job, but I can now add aspiring author to my list. The work is hard, but the results are so rewarding. I find I have to split my day and plan weeks in advance but that makes our quality time all the more special. These last few weeks have been the build up to the National Television Awards (NTAs). Great British Bake off was nominated for an award (which we won!), so this night was special for all of us who had the pleasure of being a part of such an incredible show.

    “With 6 days and a shoulder injury, I made my proudest and tallest of cakes to date”

    I, however, had the added privilege of making the cake for the NTAs after party. When I said yes to doing this, I had at this point forgotten how enormous this night of television royalty was. Despite watching it every year in support of EastEnders, now that I was going to be in attendance, everything just seemed to be magnified by 100. The crowd suddenly seemed larger, the cheers seemed louder, the stage enormous and the lights seemed blinding. Nervous, no not me! I was less nervous about attending and more nervous about making this cake, and then the dreaded construction!

    After spending a week coming up with the design and working out exactly what I needed, I had used 6kg butter, 6kg sugar, 4kg icing sugar, 62 eggs, 3kg flour and 5kg fondant. With 6 days and a shoulder injury, I made my proudest and tallest of cakes to date, standing proud at 2½ feet! All that hard work and worry was worth the trouble and sleepless nights. The night was successful in so many ways and the cake was received so well.