6 undeniable reasons why a bread roll is called a COB

We often find ourselves arguing over silly things, especially if you are absolutely certain that an object is called a one thing and someone else disagrees. The lounge/living room debate, remote/clicker… we could go on.

Here, goodtoknow’s Gemma, a staunch believer in the cob, proves, unequivocally, why a bread roll should only be referred to as a cob…

The bread roll. The bun. The bap. The buttie.

What a load of old cobblers.

The correct name for this floury, rounded staple of wheaty goodness, is the almighty cob.

Anyone who has any sense – and who was born in the vicinity of Nottinghamshire – will confirm this to be true. Why? Well, here are 6 reasons…

1. Google says so

Google confirms that the word ‘cob’ is used to describe a round loaf of bread – that is gospel right there.

2. The good people of Nottinghamshire have been saying it for centuries

I mean would you really question the word of Robin Hood?

3. Paul Hollywood calls it a cob

And he is officially the God of baking. Paul made his crusty cob loaf FAMOUS on The Great British Bake Off

4. Are you going to mess with this?

5. It’s all in the history

The word ‘cob’ was used as early as 1616 to describe a rounded heap or mass, for example; a cob of grain.

6. They simply feeeel cobby

Give one a squeeze, you’ll see what I mean.

Do you agree with Gemma or do you call your cob something else? Let us know by leaving a comment in the section below.