Foods you didn’t know were vegan at your favourite chain restaurants

Pizza Express vegan menu choices have just got a whole lot easier thanks to a tweak to their toppings selection – and they’re not the only high street giant that is providing more and more choices for those following a vegan diet…

We’ve spoken to all of our favourite family-friendly restaurants to uncover the vegan choices they have available, and make eating out that little bit easier if you’re vegan – because it’s so much better to know how much of the menu you can eat before you turn up somewhere we think!

From crisp pizza bases topped with vegan cheese at Pizza Express to veg-heavy Asian-inspired dishes at Wagamama, we’ve tried to tick box the main foods you might be craving, so you never find yourself out for tea and stuck for choice.

Although we’ve tried our hardest to make sure these listings are as accurate as possible it’s always worth checking with your waitress or waiter when you’re out, to make sure ingredients haven’t changed. Other things to watch out for are shared fryers, where meat will potentially contaminate oil, as well as sauces and dressings that might hide hard to identify non-vegan ingredients, like honey.

Ready to pick out your next meal from our vegan menus? Here’s a break down of the restaurants that currently have vegan choices, and what those are…

Greggs vegan menu choices

Mexican Bean Wrap

If you’re stuck for lunch options or need a quick bite, Greggs has got your back. They’ve launched a brand new Mexican Bean wrap, which counts as one of your five a day.

Now available, the delicious wrap comes packed with mixed beans, sweetcorn, and mixed peppers, in a spicy tomato sauce spicy guacamole and chipotle sauce with fresh salad leaves – wrapped in a soft tortilla wrap. Yum!

Wagamama vegan menu choices

Vegan Asian food lovers, rejoice – Wagamama has announced their first vegan menu and vegetarian menu and there’s plenty to choose from.

The new menu comes with a whooping 29 plant-based food options, which are cooked fresh to order and have been designed ‘around the idea that meat free shouldn’t mean taste free’. We hear you Wagamama!

Options range from the classic pad thai to a fragrant samla curry and even a seitan katsu curry – decisions, decisions…

Pizza Hut vegan menu choices

Pizza Hut is the latest restaurant to hop on the vegan bandwagon, after announcing they will be offering dairy-free cheese on their menu.

But the popular restaurant is not committing to a vegan menu just yet – for now they are just trialling their vegan cheese creations between Monday 2 October and Sunday 26 November 2017.

The trial will be happening in just five locations across Sussex and Kent, but could be rolled out if there’s enough interest. Fingers crossed!

Pizza Express vegan menu choices

If you’re a fan of this popular pizzeria then you’ll be pleased to know that they’ve introduced a vegan mozzarella to their menu, meaning almost any pizza is now customizable. Diners are able to swap regular mozzarella for this new vegan cheese on any of their standard pizzas, and because you can add or remove toppings as you like, this means any pizza is on offer! The restaurant chain does have a couple of hero vegan pizzas however, if you don’t feel like chopping and changing one of the others. Their dedicated vegan items (which include a wine!) are:

Starter: Dough balls with oil and balsamic instead of garlic butter
Main: Giardiniera pizza which combines asparagus, red onion, garlic oil and black olives
Main: Pianta pizza with chilli, garlic, artichokes, spinach, mushrooms, pine kernals and rocket
Dessert: Coconut delight sorbet
Drink: Vegan-friendly organic Verdicchio white wine

Carluccio’s vegan menu choices

Carluccio’s vegan menu choices are limited to a couple of classics, but that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy a full three-course meal if you find yourself at one of their branches. If you’re after a filling feed then Carluccio’s can certainly do the honours with olive oil-rich bread, a fresh tomato salad and vegan spaghetti coated in a fragrant basil sauce. And there’s pudding too! Here are the vegan-friendly meals you can enjoy at Carluccio’s:

Starter: Homebaked foccacia with olive oil
Starter: Panzanella salad with rustic bread, tomatoes, basil and peppers (served without anchovies)
Main: Linguine in a rich tomato and basil sauce
Dessert: Amalfi lemon, mandarin or melon sorbet

Nando’s vegan menu choices

For obvious reasons we don’t think most vegans would choose Nando’s as their perfect dinner venue, but sometimes it’s nice to be able to join in with other friends’ dinner plans. If you find yourself in Nandos and wondering what to eat then there are a handful of alternatives to chicken on the menu that vegans can enjoy. Our favourite selection is:

Starter: Garlic bread
Starter: Houmous with PERI-PERI drizzle
Main: Quinoa salad with sweet potato and avocado chunks, piccolo tomatoes, cucumber, mixed leaves, PERI-seeds and grains (served without feta cheese)
Main: Mixed leaf salad
Side: Spicy mixed olives
Side: Chargrilled veg
Side: Chips
Dessert: Mango sorbet

McDonald’s vegan menu choices

We won’t beat around the bush, there isn’t a huge vegan selection available at McDonald’s. There are however just about enough choices to mean you can tuck into a filling meal on the go if you’re out and about and need convenience food, fast. It’s also worth noting that fryers at Mcdonald’s used for items like their apple pie may have been used for meat or fish so if you’re uncomfortable with any potential contamination then stick to the packaged sides or ask at your local branch what their set-up is. For their vegetarian items Mcdonald’s promise to only use vegetable oil and use dedicated fryers, too, so the burger and chips should be safe. McDonald’s vegan choices are:

Starter: Carrot sticks
Main: Vegetable Deluxe (without the sauce), French fries and garden side salad
Side: Hash browns
Dessert: Fruit bag
Dessert: Apple pie

KFC vegan menu choices

KFC is another restaurant that won’t be drawing hoards of vegans through its doors any time soon, but if you’re stuck for other options then you can cobble something together from the menu. With a couple of veggies on offer as sides and our firm favourites, French Fries, you should be able to fill up on these vegan-friendly KFC items:

Starter: Corn on the Cob (without butter)
Main: Fries and house salad (with Italian light dressing)
Side: Green Beans

Café Rouge vegan menu choices

French bistro Café Rouge has a fairly generous offering of vegetarian items (in comparison to most other chain restaurants) but don’t specify vegan options, so a bit of digging is needed. At the moment they have a couple of salad starters and a tasty spiced Moroccan tagine that is suitable for vegans. Dessert is the classic choice of a sorbet, but at least it’s there as a sweet treat at the end of your meal. The current vegan Café Rouge menu items are:

Starter: Tomato and red onion salad
Starter: House salad
Main: Moroccan-style stew of butternut squash, carrots, spinach, chickpeas and courgettes
Dessert: Strawberry and black pepper, lemon, or chocolate and chilli sorbet

Burger King vegan menu choices

Sometimes you just fancy a bit of a naughty burger and chips, and thankfully Burger King actually have a pretty good vegan option to satisfy any fast-food cravings. There’s only one option, but it’s not a bad one and it’s a full meal (which is rare in similar fast food chains). You’ll have to forgo the sauce in this one, but could add a vegan alternative, like ketchup. Here’s your vegan option if you’re in BK:

Main: Veggie bean burger (without sauce or cheese) and fries
Dessert: Apple pie sticks (if fried in the veggie fryers)

So, that’s our pick of our favourite fast-food vegan options in some of the UK’s most popular restaurants. Do you have a favourite that’s not featured? Let us know in the comments below and we’ll add it to the list!