12 vegetarian recipes for your BBQ

With BBQ season upon us, there's no need to feel left out if you're vegetarian. Even the meat lovers in your family won't be able to resist these 12 mouth watering recipes!

12 vegetarian recipes for your BBQ

Looking for a vegetarian recipe for your BBQ? We’re here to help! We’ve rounded up our favourite vegetarian BBQ recipes that are perfect for sharing in the summer sunshine. This collection of delicious vegetarian BBQ recipes are sure to inspire.

From vegetable kebabs to veggie burgers, we’ve got lots of recipes to turn your BBQ into a feast suitable for vegetarians.

We’ve got a classic potato salad recipe, which makes a delicious side, and we’ve even got some very impressive beetroot and mushroom burgers.

Just because you’re on a vegetarian diet, doesn’t mean you have to miss out on the summer fun of a family BBQ. There are lots of delicious vegetarain BBQ recipes you can whip up on the BBQ. You won’t know where to begin!

Click through to see our 10 veggies recipes for your BBQ…First on the list is Weight Watchers vegetarian halloumi burger. Not only is this burger a healthy option, its also a favourite with us veggies. These fabulous burgers are packed with goodness and taste delicious too! They’re a healthy, vegetarian option when it comes to a BBQ. Serve with fresh salad leaves.

Get the recipe: Weight Watchers halloumi burger