30 chicken breast recipes

These brilliant chicken breast recipes will transform a simple pack of chicken fillets into so many different delicious dinners, try chicken burgers, fajitas and stir-fry for starters.

Looking for easy chicken breast recipes? These simple ideas can help you transform a standard pack of chicken fillets into so many dinners, including chicken burgers, chicken pasta and chicken stir-fry.

We’ve got lots of healthy chicken breast recipes in there too for lighter meals, including lemon and garlic chicken with warm potato salad and Slimming World’s chicken pappardelle recipe.

The most classic cut to buy, chicken fillets always seem to be on our shopping list, but what to do with them? We’ve got plenty of easy chicken breast recipes for you to use up chicken fillets. They’re so versatile that you can use them in so many dinners, from pasta to curry.

These healthy chicken breast recipes are perfect for something easy and delicious for family dinners or if you’re looking for something different to make for you and your partner. Try chicken burgers, stuffed chicken breast or breaded chicken – the choices are endless!

Scroll through our 30 different ways to cook chicken breasts for some very tasty ideas…