30 Christmas recipes to make in advance

Make Christmas simpler with these make-in-advance recipes, from party food you can freeze to Christmas pudding and cakes to seal and store. Get ready for your most organised Christmas ever!

Thinking about Christmas? Why not get super organised and start preparing some of your food and Christmas treats in advance?

The festive period can be stress free this year with these simple Christmas recipes that are ready to be prepared in advance. When it comes to Christmas Day you’ll have more time to spend with your family and less time slaving away in the kitchen – sounds good, right?

There are plenty of Christmas recipes that you can make weeks before the day. One of which is of course a classic Christmas cake. We’ve got the ideal recipe from Mary Berry which you can make up to 3 months in advance and leave to mature for a greater taste. Or you could pop it into the freezer and leave until you’re in the mood for decorating it – perfect!

How about making some classic mince pies? Just use a jar of ready-made mincemeat and pop in the freezer once cooked. All you need to do is reheat them before you serve them Christmas day.

You can even prepare your gravy months before (bet you didn’t know that!) by saving any leftover meat juices from your Sunday roasts. Mix the juices with gravy granules and pop into a suitable container to be frozen until needed.

We’ve got plenty more recipes like these so you’ll have no problem getting organised this Christmas. Take a look for yourself…

First is from our sauces and chutney section – relish! You just can’t beat a homemade relish. Ideal served on top of your showstopping turkey, spooned on your cheese and crackers tower or drizzled alongside those crispy spuds, relishes are the perfect condiment to make in advance of Christmas.

  • When to make: November. Most relishes are best served within 1 month of making.
  • How to store: In a cool, dark place like your kitchen cupboards to mature

Get the recipe: Cranberry relish

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