30 packed lunch ideas

Need inspiration for your kids' lunchbox? Or maybe even your own? We've got lots of healthy lunchbox ideas for you to choose from. Think chicken wraps, mini veg tarts using readymade pastry, Edam and bacon muffins and more.

Desperately need some new packed lunch ideas? Sometimes making the same packed lunch over and over can be pretty boring – especially for the kids. The same sandwich or salad can get repetitive. Jazz up your little ones’ lunch boxes with one of these quick and easy lunch recipes that are portable and taste great hot or cold.

We’ve got lots of tasty treats to choose from as well as healthy snacks and some lunchtime treats. All of our recipes can be made in advance or made the day before so there’s no need to rush around like a headless chicken making up your little ones lunchbox come school morning.

We’ve got savoury treats like sandwiches, quiche and hearty salads that both you and your little one can enjoy. We’ve also got sweet treats too including homemade malt loaf bars, cereal bars and more!

Scroll through to see all our packed lunch recipes and ideas…

First up, kids will love these cheese and corn mini scones (pictured above) they’ll definitely come home with empty lunchboxes!

Get the recipe: Cheese and corn mini scones