30 tasty sandwich fillings

Sandwich fillings to take your lunch to the next level. Easy and tasty ideas include hot cheese and chutney, chicken satay lettuce wraps, beef brisket and falafel pittas

Tasty sandwich fillings, easy sandwich fillings and delicious sandwich fillings, that’s what we want.

Sandwich fillings will take your lunch to the next level. See ideas including hot cheese and chutney, chicken satay lettuce wraps, beef brisket and falafel pittas. Think homemade hummus, sweet potato and bean and our favourite, a sausage and mozzarella melt. There are so many combinations to choose from but when you’re in a hurry, it’s easy to get stuck in a sandwich rut.

Give your lunchbox a break from plain cheese and ham sandwiches. Get creative with these tasty sandwich fillings, from tangy piccalilli to peppery tuna. These sandwich fillings will really make your lunchbox. They’re great for making the night before and will be something to look forward to at lunchtime. You don’t have to stick to two slices of bread and something in between either. A tortilla wrap, pitta, naan or bap will also make a great base but help to mix things up. Then you can get creative with the sandwich filling!

Another source of sandwich filling inspo if your leftovers. Got some leftover roast beef, ragu or falafel in the fridge? They can all be transformed into a sandwich with some extra salad leaves here or a slick of mustard there. It’s an easy way to make sure you’re not having the same thing for lunch over and over again, which is a situation that everyone can find themselves in unless they put a little extra thought into it.

Then there are the classic sandwiches. Think BLT, ploughman’s, that kind of thing. They are classics for a reason, so get them into your lunchbox too.

First up, this delicious piccalilli. If you love this chunky vegetable pickle, make it at home with cauliflower, beans, courgettes and onions with our homemade piccalilli recipe. Delicious in sandwiches with cheese or ham, or both.

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