Best chicken marinades

Good chicken marinade recipes can turn an average meal into a new weekly favourite, and all it takes is a few key ingredients mixed together to unlock a variety of new and exciting chicken dishes.

From succulent satay chicken to light and easy citrus fresh flavours, we’ve got lots of delicious chicken marinades recipes that are sure to give your meat an extra special flavour.

Turn your average chicken recipe into a flavoursome feast with our round-up of the best chicken marinades. So if you’re looking for a way to jazz up your chicken then you’ve come to the right place.

We’ve got plenty of mouth-watering chicken marinades to choose from including Gordon Ramsay’s jerk chicken, barbecue tandoori chicken and a classic BBQ glaze. Just allow your chicken to absorb all the lovely flavours for a few hours – it’ll be worth the wait!

The ideal length of time to leave chicken marinating is send to be two hours, as this gives the meat enough time to soak up all the flavours. However each of our chicken marinade recipes can be left for more or less time, depending on how long you have between prepping the dish and getting it on the table!

Our favourite chicken marinade recipes

Click through our best chicken marinades now to give your chicken lots of lovely flavour…