Cheap family meals: Recipes under £1 per head

Our collection of cheap family meals are perfect if you're looking for easy recipes that won't break the bank.
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  • This is how much it will cost to make some of your family favourites as well as how much they cost per head too. You'll be surprised how cheaply you can make these!

    Our cheap family meals are perfect for those in search of quick and easy recipes that are budget-friendly. In fact, all these come in at under £1 a head!

    These cheap family meals are perfect if you are trying to cook on a budget and don’t want to scrimp on flavour or comfort. It really is easy to cook on a budget with these simple recipes for under £1 per head including delicious risotto, sausage casserole, pasta bake and more!

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    Cutting down on your food bill doesn’t mean missing out on a good hearty dinner. Whether it’s comfort food you’re after or a nice healthy dish instead. Rustle up a classic carbonara for only £2.99 or how about fish cakes serving 4 people at £3.89. We’ve worked it all out for you – from the ingredients you’ll need and how much they should cost you.

    Cheap family meals: which of our recipes for under £1 a head will you cook first…

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    We assume you have basics e.g. oil, flour, butter, milk, soy sauce, dried herbs, stock cubes – alternative ingredients used without compromising recipe – serves 4 unless otherwise stated.