Christmas buffet ideas

Throwing a Christmas buffet has never been easier with our simple guide and buffet ideas. From dips to desserts, every buffet needs a wide selection and variety of food to choose from and we've got it covered

If you fancy doing Christmas a little differently this year how about having a Christmas buffet? Whether it’s instead of your Christmas roast, a Boxing Day treat or pre-Christmas celebration party, a buffet is a great way of serving food to a lot of hungry people.

Never thrown a buffet before? Then we’ve got the inspiration you need. We’ve rounded up our favourite buffet ideas that are sure to impress. From dips to desserts, every buffet needs a wide selection and variety of foods to choose from so each guest can leave with a smile on their face and a full stomach.

The buffet recipes in our round-up are cheap, quick and easy so you won’t feel the stress or the pinch this Christmas. There’s no need to spend lots of money on fancy nibbles or hours hunting down the supermarket aisle for that perfect treat, when you can make your own. You can even get the family to help you make them too.

We’ve got both savoury and sweet recipes, classic Christmas drinks and naughty but oh-so-nice desserts. We’ve also got some treats for the adults, fussy eaters and not forgetting simple Christmassy bites for the kids. We’ve even got party bag ideas full of Christmas goodies for your guests to take home with them.

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Everyone loves a festive bite! There are plenty of ways to jazz up your buffet treats to make them that little bit special. Christmas-shaped cutters are always handy to have when it comes to making these nibbles, you could make sandwiches and cut them into star shapes, you could make biscuits, colour them green and cut them into Christmas trees – let your imagination run wild! Christmas bites are there to have fun with, so get the kids involved and get cooking.

Our favourites:
* Our impressive Christmas crackers (pictured) are much easier to make than they look. Choose from avocado, prawn and lemon, feta and lime or sausage and cranberry for your fillings.

* It’s not Christmas without some Brussels sprouts. Try making Gordon Ramsay’s Brussels sprouts with pancetta and watch in surprise as your guests surround the bowl full – who knew Brussels could be so tasty!

* Keep it traditional with our spicy and sweet mince pies, they’re perfect treat for the sweet section of the buffet table.

How to serve
If you’ve opted for the classic Brussels sprouts, serve these tasty bites in a large serving bowl with a spoon, so guests can scoop them onto their plates. Serve your Christmas crackers on a large plater and your mince pies on a wooden board in the sweet section of your buffet.