Christmas cupcakes

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  • Doing some baking this Christmas? If you don't fancy Christmas cake and figgy pudding, Christmas cupcakes are a quick and easy alternative They're great for parties, buffets and presents, and you can have a great time making them with the kids! See our fun ideas Christmas cupcakes...

    We’ve got lots of Christmas cupcakes for you to choose from. Fancy making something delicious for Christmas? If you love baking, you’ve come to the right place. We’ve rounded up some of our favourite Christmas cupcake recipes including impressive Rudolph cranberry cupcakes, present cupcakes and many more.

    Whether you’re making them as an edible present or as the centre piece at Christmas dinner, we have plenty of Christmas cupcake ideas to choose from that are sure to a put a smile on everyone’s faces.

    Cupcakes are a quick and easy alternative to the usual Christmas cake and figgy pudding. They’re great for parties, buffets and presents, and you can have a great time making them with the kids!

    Christmas baking has never been easier. We’ve got the ideas and the recipes and all you have to do is make them. If you’re in the mood for a challenge we’ve got some snowflake or Christmas pud cupcakes that are sure to keep you busy. Or if you want something easy peasy, we have starry chocolate or mini fruit cupcakes.

    First up are these Christmas jumper cupcakes would make the perfect homemade food gift for that special someone on Christmas Day. They’re sure to be impressed by your sugarcraft skills!

    Get the recipe: Christmas jumper cupcakes

    What makes a cupcake light and fluffy?

    To create the most delicious, light and fluffy cupcakes for the base of your decorations you need to try to create air bubbles in the mixture which will then expand in the oven making your cakes perfectly moist. The air bubbles are created whilst mixing, although you need to make sure to always mix on a low speed as otherwise the air bubbles could collapse and your cakes will end up heavy and brick-like.

    How do I stop my cupcakes from rising in the middle?

    The last thing you want when decorating cupcakes is for them to be lumpy and uneven heights. If your cakes are always coming out of the oven uneven, it could be due to uneven heat – try rotating your cupcakes a few times (don’t forget to put on your oven gloves first!) throughout the baking process to see if this helps. Make sure your cupcake trays are always placed in the centre of the oven too. If your cakes have still come out a little uneven, no need to fret, simply take a serated knife or better yet a cake leveller tool and trim off the tops so you have a nice flat surface to work with.

    Christmas cupcakes