Christmas turkey alternatives

If you’re getting a bit bored of the same old Christmas turkey, we’re got plenty of Christmas turkey alternatives to choose from that are just as tasty and flavoursome. Whether it’s a small duck or an extra large goose, come and have a browse through some of our top recipes...

If you’re getting a bit bored of the same old Christmas turkey,
we’ve got plenty of alternatives that will make a lovely main on the
big day. Whether it’s a small duck or an extra large goose, there are
plenty of other meats and vegetarian dishes that can take the place of
the traditional festive bird.

We’re here to make Christmas as
stress-free as possible and that includes making sure the main event –
Christmas dinner – goes off without a hitch. It’s such a big part of
Christmas day so there’s a lot of pressure to make sure it goes smoothly
and that everyone is happy with the food choices you make.

rounded up loads of classic roast dinner main recipes which are sure to
please the family. Succulent ham, tender beef or an earthy nut roast,
our selection of turkey alternatives includes a great variety of
different flavours and tastes that will suit veggies, meat-lovers, fussy
eaters and of course the kids!

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searching for that delicious dish that caught your eye.

From all of the goodtoknow team, we hope you have a lovely – and delicious – Christmas!

First up is our classic cut of gammon!

for a meat that’ll feed more than 8 people? This hearty Seville gammon
recipe is a delicious choice that only takes 30mins to cook and won’t
leave your guests hungry. With a sweet Seville marmalade glaze and spicy
kick from whole cloves, this tender unsmoked gammon horseshoe is a
classic meat – a tasty, succulent turkey alternative.

How to serve:
Gammon is a classic Christmas meat that can be served with a whole heap
of vegetables and sides. Chunky carrots, crispy roasties and tender
Brussels to name a few. Cooked, cold gammon will keep in the fridge for a
couple of days – perfect if you’re having buffet food like cold meats
and pickles on Boxing Day.

Top tip:
When checking to see if your gammon is cooked all the way through,
insert a long skewer into the middle of the joint. It should feel firm,
not rubbery.

Get the recipe: Seville gammon