Easy quinoa recipes to try at home

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  • We've rounded up our favourite quinoa recipes and popped them all in one place for you. From quinoa salads to quinoa breakfast, there are plenty of ways to cook this healthy grain and we're here to show you exactly how.

    If you’ve never had quinoa before you’re missing out. This healthy grain looks like couscous but has the texture of rice. A healthy side option as it’s low in calories and fat, quinoa, pronounced ‘Keen-wah’ is easy to cook and is a healthier alternative to pasta or rice.

    Quinoa takes hardly anytime at all to cook and is packed full of nutrients, protein and fibre – which makes it perfect for vegetarians. Quinoa is also gluten-free and is labelled as a superfood. We love it because it will keep you fuller for longer which is ideal if you’re trying to be healthy or are counting the calories.

    So if you fancy giving it a try, we’ve rounded up our favourite quinoa recipes.

    Easy quinoa recipes