High protein breakfast ideas

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  • These high protein breakfast ideas will keep you feeling fuller for longer.

    Beginning your day with a high protein breakfast has a whole host of benefits.

    Eating a high protein breakfast not only keeps you fuller for longer, leading to sustained energy throughout a busy morning, but it’s also super-effective for weight loss.

    Gone are the days of believing that skipping breakfast is the key to losing weight, as studies have found that high protein breakfasts actually reduce hunger and help people eat up to 135 fewer calories in the day.

    And not only this, but increasing your uptake of protein may also boost your metabolism, which helps massively when it comes to reaching your weight loss goal. This is because your body uses way more calories to metabolise protein than carbs or fat, leading to an extra 80 to 100 calories burned each day.

    Scientific studies aside, high protein breakfasts are also incredibly satisfying, with everything from Joe Wick’s Turkish eggs recipe, to salmon hash and protein balls.

    A breakfast that is both packed full with flavour and leaves us feeling fuller for longer!? We’re sold.