Jacket potato fillings

Jacket potato fillings are the most important part of making a baked potato for dinner.

We absolutely love jacket potatoes and the more-ish jacket potato fillings that come along with them. Of course we’re not alone – it’s one of Britain’s favourite meals, a comfort food that never fails to make everything okay in the world again.

Plus they’re so easy to make, they’re super delicious and they’re incredibly versatile!

Jacket potatoes are also a really quick dinner during the week when you don’t have much time to cook or have simply run out of ideas.

You just know the kids will love them, especially if you let them pick the baked potato toppings they want.

They’re also a hearty lunch in the summer time with a side salad and glass of wine. Yum!

However you like your jacket potato, we’re sure you’ll find the perfect jacket potato fillings and toppings for it in our collection.

These jacket potato fillings prove there is so much more you can do with a baked potato than just mash it with butter. From a beef fajita jacket potato filling to delicious veggie jacket potato filling ideas, you won’t be short of inspiration for your next meal.

Tesco Jacket Potatoes

Our favourite jacket potato fillings include: 
– Minced beef and Cheddar
– Tuna Tomato and chilli
– Smoked mackerel
– Cottage pie (yes, really!)
– Spicy bean and bacon
– Chicken
– Mushrooms
– Burger
– Steak
Take a look below at some of the delicious jacket potato fillings you need to try. You’re welcome.