Jacket potato fillings

Jacket potato fillings are the most important part of making a baked potato for dinner.

We love a good jacket potato and there are plenty of ways to enjoy them with these tasty jacket potato fillings. Easy to make, super delicious and versatile, the humble jacket potato is great for a quick mid-week dinner. And kids will love picking out different toppings to change things up a bit.

Whether you’d love a healthy jacket potato filling like smoked mackerel or tuna – or something a little bit more meaty like spicy bacon or burger, we’ve got the perfect toppers right here.

While just mashing it with butter and cheese is delicious, here’s lots more inspiration to help you spice up the humble spud for supper.

Tesco Jacket Potatoes

Our favourite jacket potato fillings include: 

– Minced beef and Cheddar
– Tuna Tomato and chilli
– Smoked mackerel
Cottage pie (yes, really!)
– Spicy bean and bacon
– Chicken
– Mushrooms
– Burger
– Steak
Take a look below at some of the delicious jacket potato fillings you need to try. You’re welcome.