Leftover pork recipes

Got leftover pork from your Sunday roast? Don't bin it! Use it to make another meal with our leftover pork recipes, including pork curry, potato salad and plenty more

We’ve rounded up some of our favourite leftover pork recipes. So if you’ve got leftover pork from your Sunday roast, don’t bin it! Use it to make another meal, with our leftover pork recipes including pork curry, meaty potato salad and kebabs. There are plenty of ways to transform your pork leftovers into another lunch or dinner.

Whether you’ve gone for a large joint of pork or a few pork chops, whatever you have left of can be used again with our tempting leftover pork recipes that will save you cooking from scratch again.

When it comes to re-heating your cooked pork, make sure it’s piping hot before serving. Cooked pork can be wrapped and stored in the fridge for up to 3 days, or it can be frozen for up to 3 months. It’s best shredded or cut into strips so it defrosts quicker. Remember that cooked pork won’t take as long to re-heat as raw pork so bear this in mind when using a recipe.This is ideal if you’re looking for a speedy lunch or dinner solution when you’re short on time!

You’ll be surprised at just how many ways there are with leftover pork. You’ll never bin your roast dinner leftovers again with these fab recipes to totally transform the meat. Plus, we’ve got so many different recipes that you’ll rarely find yourself making the same thing twice, which is great for adding some variety to your go-to recipes.

Potato salad
Use leftover pork in this easy pork and jalapeño potato salad recipe, made with jalapeños and salsa verde for plenty of punch flavours.

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