Our best homemade steak sauces

Steak is the ultimate romantic dinner. We've picked our favourite 12 ways to serve up your juicy steak - combining a whole host of delicious flavours. Including tasty steak sauces, marinades and rubs, feed your other half one of these hearty steak recipes...

A beautifully cooked piece of steak is just delicious when combined with a freshly made sauce.

and thick or rich and fruity, there are various different flavours you
can opt for when making a sauce for your steak. Red meat has quite a
strong flavour so you need bold ingredients to match.

Learn how to cook your steak perfectly them team it with one of these delicious homemade steak sauces.

First up is Michel Roux Snr’s bearnaise sauce…

Flavours: Rich and creamy, bearnaise sauce is a classic steak sauce in upmarket restaurants – and we’ve got a recipe from one of the pros!
Difficulty: Medium
Get the recipe: Michael Roux Snr’s bearnaise sauce