Recipes to make in bulk and freeze

Our freezer meals will help you save money, time and energy. Explore our round-up of recipes to make in bulk and freeze for some tasty inspiration...

Need inspiration for recipes to make in bulk and freeze? These freezer meals make for easy bulk cooking and can help you to save money. Making big batches of your family’s favourite meals and storing them a Tupperware box for another day’s dinner will save you time and energy, especially on the busy after school evenings. Preparation is key when it comes to a balanced healthy diet and with these delicious freezer meals, you’ll never resort to a rushed takeaway again…

From lasagne to casseroles, there are plenty of hearty, family meals that can you cook up and store for another day when you haven’t got the time to cook.

Having a stash of healthy homemade dinners will also mean you never have to reach for the ready meals – and you also know exactly what’s in the meals you and your family are eating.

Once your meals have been made in bulk, it’s just a case of storing them properly in the freezer and allowing them to defrost before eating – it’s that simple!

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There are plenty of ingredients that are great for buying in bulk and freezing too. Have a look through our how to freeze food: goodtoknow’s money-saving guide to get freezer savvy this month.

Scroll through our recipes that you can make in bulk and freeze and start stocking up your freezer…

Chilli con carneYou can’t beat a large bowl of spicy, warming chilli con carne. Packed with kidney beans, a spicy chilli-based sauce and flavour galore, chilli is a great dish to bulk cook and store in the freezer. Chilli is a versatile choice to bulk cook as it can be served with homemade potato wedges, rice, jacket potatoes … the list goes on!

How to freeze:
Just cook the chilli as normal, allow to cool, then pop into a large Tupperware box or smaller portion sizes and freeze.

How to defrost:
When you’re planning on having it for dinner, take it out of the freezer the night before or early in the morning and defrost in the fridge.

Re-heat in the microwave or in the oven on a low heat. Serve with ready-made wraps or tortilla chips for a Mexican-style feast.

Our classic chilli recipe to make in bulk and freeze