Vegan lunch ideas: What to eat for a vegan lunch

Vegan lunch ideas are anything but boring and with our simple guide you can shake up your lunchtime routine with a range of brand new vegan recipes!

A vegan diet avoids all animal products such as meat, dairy, fish or eggs. There are some products, like honey, which some vegans eat but some choose to avoid, as it is produced by bees!

When following a vegan diet, there are a range of plant based foods you can choose from to create well balanced and flavour packed meals at lunchtime. Vegan lunch ideas doesn’t have to just be all vegetables, try using lentils and pulses, vegan meat subsitutes such as tofu or seitan, and nut based products to add variety and substance to your vegan meals. If you’re struggling for vegan lunch ideas, we have a great selection of recipes to help you…

What can I eat for a vegan lunch?

Vegan lunches don’t have to be just salads. Whether you want a light lunch, a hearty meal, or something to change up your usual lunch routine we’ve got together some fresh new lunch ideas that will help give you some inspiration.

Vegan lunch ideas


A hearty and warming soup is just the thing to keep you going on a cold weekday. Making your own soup is so easy, and many vegetarian recipes are suitable for a vegan lunch, as long as they contain no butter, milk, or cream. Make a big batch and you’ve got a whole week of lunches sorted.
Get the recipe: Pumpkin soup


Making your own flavour-packed and filling salad is a quick and really versatile vegan lunch option. Add beans, tofu or nuts to pack some extra protein into your lunch, and use a dressing to add great flavour.
Get the recipe: Vegan salad

Vegan Buddha Bowl

vegan lunch ideas poke bowl
As far as vegan lunch ideas go, this is one of our favourites! Buddha bowls are so trendy, and these nutritious bowls of grains, veg, and protein are the perfect balanced and flavourful lunch option for Veganuary.
Get the recipe: Vegan Buddha Bowl


Falafel are packed with protein and don’t compromise on flavour. They’re the perfect way to bulk up a vegan lunch. Try adding them to sandwiches, wraps or salads. You can buy falafel in most supermarkets, but making your own is so cheap and easy! Get the recipe: Falafel

Noodle bowl

A vibrant and aromatic noodle bowl is a light lunch with serious flavour. Our miso noodle bowl is a vegan lunch that is packed with veg and has a kick of umami flavour from the miso. Make sure to use rice noodles, not egg noodles, to make your noodle bowl vegan.
Get the recipe: Green miso noodle bowl

What are your favourite vegan lunch ideas? Let us know in the comments below.