Coconut crème brulee recipe

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1 hr 15 min
plus chilling time

This coconut creme brulee is so simple to make and the perfect way to end your Thai New Year feast (13-15 April 2010).


  • 250ml coconut milk
  • 250ml double cream
  • 6 egg yolks
  • 80g caster sugar
  • 50g demerara sugar


  • Heat the coconut milk, double cream and a pinch of salt until just before boiling point. Set aside and cool for 10 mins.

  • Meanwhile beat the egg yolks and caster sugar until light and fluffy and preheat the oven to 150°C (fan 130°C, gas mark 2).

  • Beat the coconut milk and double cream into the egg mixture and pour into 6 x 150ml ramekins until two-thirds full. Place the ramekins in a roasting tin half-filled with hot water, cover the whole thing with foil and bake for 40-45 mins. Remove from the oven, cool, then chill for 2-3 hrs.

  • Sprinkle with demerara sugar and caramelise under a grill or with a blow torch.

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