Homemade fruit Slush Puppie Recipe

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1 tall glass






5 min

Homemade fruit Slush Puppie is so simple and much healthier than shopbought, sugar-packed ones. This Slush Puppie is made with frozen fruit. You only need two ingredients and a blender to make this refreshing ice cold drink. Why not add your child’s favourite fruit and choose a complementary fruit juice to go with it? There are so many variations to try! However, if your child doesn’t like a certain fruit, now is a great opportunity to sneak it in; this drink is so delicious, they will never know!


  • 100g frozen fruit, such as red berries
  • 250ml pure fruit juice, such as cranberry juice


  • Your little helper can help to weigh the frozen fruit and tip it into the blender.

  • Ask you child to pour the fruit juice into the blender, to join the frozen fruit.

  • Now it’s time to turn on the blender and whizz the fruit and juice together until they turn into a slushy, ice cold drink. Your child will love to watch the transformation!

  • Simply pour the fruity slush puppy into a tall glass or several small glasses and serve with fun straws!

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Top Tip

This homemade Slush Puppie is best served straight away.