Millionaire’s shortbread pancakes Recipe

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Love millionaire’s shortbread? Love pancakes? These millionaire’s shortbread pancakes are perfect for you! All the classic flavours of the much-loved treat but on a pancake – how can you resist? This pancake topping is so simple, we can’t believe we didn’t think of it before. You simply layer the flavours on top of a thin pancake – easy! We haven’t included amounts with the ingredients as we think it’s best to just use as much as you want! For an easy and delicious Pancake Day buy ready made shortbread, caramel and melt some chocolate and away you go. If you really want to impress, make them from scratch – just search for the recipes in the toolbar above.


  • Basic 
  •  batter
  • Ready made caramel
  • Milk chocolate
  • Shortbread


  • Make up a batch of our basic pancakes, allow to cool slightly on a flat plate.

  • Crumble the shortbread over the pancake and dollop on spoonfuls of caramel.

  • Melt the chocolate in the microwave (in a microwave-safe bowl) in short bursts, stirring in between.

  • Take a spoon and drizzle the chocolate over the pancake.

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