Sicilian cocktail recipe

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5 min

This delicious, sweet and fruity Sicilian cocktail is easy to make and perfect for dinner parties, barbeques or as a weekend treat. This bubbly and thirst quenching cocktail combines a thick strawberry coulis together with a dash of processco to make a sophisticated drink that's for adults only. This recipe is sure to liven up any party. With a scoopful of lemon sorbet, this recipe is like a cocktail and dessert all in one!


  • 1-2 tbsp strawberry coulis
  • Prosecco
  • Sicilian lemon sorbet
  • Cocktail glasses


  • Chill cocktail glasses in the freezer. Spoon in strawberry coulis.

  • Pour chilled Prosecco in the glasses, up to half-full, then add a scoop of Sicilian lemon sorbet (or similar ready-made sorbet), top up with a little more Prosecco and serve.

Top tip for making Sicilian cocktail

Try this recipe with different fruity coulis like raspberry or even elderflower

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