Snowflake Christmas cake recipe

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14 - 21






20 min

Glittering snowflakes make an eye-catching decoration for a classic Christmas cake. Follow this simple recipe for a Christmas Day treat that almost looks too perfect to eat


  • 100-125g white sugarpaste (trimmings from the cake can be used)
  • Edible lustre dust
  • Silver dragees
  • Snowflake cookie cutters


  • Cover your Christmas cake with marzipan and sugar paste.

  • Knead the sugarpaste to soften it and then roll it out on a surface lightly dusted with icing sugar. Tip some of the lustre dust on to the sugarpaste and brush it over the surface, using a dry paintbrush.

  • Use the cutters to cut out snowflakes in assorted sizes. Re-roll the sugarpaste as necessary to get enough flakes, and don’t worry about the lustre dust on it, just knead it in and then brush some more on top before cutting out next flakes.

  • Brush a little water where the dragees are to be stuck and press them into place. Mix some of the white sugarpaste with water to form a sticky glue. Use this to stick layers of snowflake together and to fix them to the cake. Wrap a ribbon around the cake.

Top tip for making Snowflake Christmas cake

Edible glitter would add that extra sparkle to the snowflakes.

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