Where can I go on holiday from the UK? Summer holiday destinations open to Brits this year

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  • The Covid-19 pandemic has brought along with it plenty of uncertainty, around our jobs, income, health and future plans.

    Has the easing of lockdown restrictions and changeable weather in the UK left you wondering: where can I go on holiday from the UK? Well worry not, as we’ve put together a guide to all of the summer holiday destinations currently open to Brits now the lockdown restrictions on travel have changed.

    One part of our lives badly hit by coronavirus this year were our summer holiday plans. You may have been wondering these past months, where can I go on holiday from the UK? Can I even travel abroad? And what kind of restrictions will be in place along the way?

    When the UK locked down all those weeks ago, the possibility of jetting off for a break in a sunnier clime seemed dashed. But despite the threat of localised lockdowns and a second wave of Covid-19, hopes have once again been raised for summer holidays. A list of destinations that Brits are able to travel has been released and people are already starting to make plans.

    So where can you go on holiday from the UK?

    Where can I go on holiday from the UK?

    The travel industry has slowly begun to open up and ease restrictions for travellers across the world. As such, the Foreign and Commonwealth Office lifted the ban on non-essential travel for 67 destinations from 4th July.

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    For visitors coming in to the UK, from 10 July, those travelling from 59 approved destinations into England, Wales and Northern Ireland, and 57 approved countries into Scotland are exempt from the 14-day self-isolation period imposed on all inbound arrivals. Currently, in Scotland, Spain and Serbia are not on the list, but they are on the list for England, Wales and Northern Ireland.

    The Foreign Office has also published another different list of countries where it has lifted its advice against non-essential travel for Brits.

    So where can you go on holiday from the UK?

    The below countries are places you can travel to, where you will be let in without the need to be tested, or quarantined on arrival. You will also not need to quarantine when arriving back in the UK. There is also no need for a Covid-19 certificate for these countries.

    Before you travel anywhere outside of the UK on a plane, make sure you check what the travel regulations are for the airport you are flying from and the airline you are flying with. Some will require you to wear face masks, check in online may be mandatory and certain airport or airline procedures may be different from what you are used to due to new safety measures.


    Travel to France

    France has now reopened to most of the EU, and although Britain is no longer a part of it, it is one of the destinations on the lists that Brits can now visit for a holiday!

    If you do visit though, it’s important to bear in mind that face masks are compulsory on public transport for people aged 11 and over, and although not mandatory, many shops and supermarkets also require customers to wear them before entering. Failure to do so may incure a fine. Masks are also compulsory in taxis and private hire vehicles without a screen in them.


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    If you develop suspected Covid-19 symptoms whilst there, the French government advises you to call 112 for help – you shouldn’t go to emergency services or a doctor.

    Most bars and restaurants have now reopened in France with coronavirus safety measures in place, and open areas such as parks and beaches are also open. Many attractions have also reopened too, including the Eiffel Tower and the Louvre Museum.

    Travel to Italy

    Though Italy was one of the countries worst impacted by coronavirus, Brits can now travel there without restriction, after they lifted restrictions within the country on 3rd June.

    However, social distancing (with people outside your household) should be observed up to one metre. Using masks is also compulsory in all enclosed public spaces, although you don’t have to wear them in recently reopened parks or beaches. Museums and other cultural sites have also reopened, but entry must be pre-booked online to limit the volume of visitors.

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    You are also allowed to visit different regions within Italy too, and it’s worth noting that many restaurants will ask you your name and contact details if you are booking with them in order to track any potential spread of the virus.

    Travel to Greece

    Travellers from the UK are only just permitted to travel to and through Greece (from 15th July), including to the many Greek islands. But it’s worth bearing in mind some of the restrictions in place there.

    It is mandatory to wear face masks on public transport, at airports, in taxis and in lifts, as well as any medical facilities you may go to. Face masks are not essential in all other enclosed spaces, but they are strongly recommended.

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    It’s also worth noting that travel in a private car or taxi is limited to two adults passengers – in addition to the driver. Children do not count towards this limit though.

    Like most other flights, you will need to wear a mask throughout the duration of your journey and if travelling via ferry, you will need to complete a health questionnaire (which you will be given) before boarding.

    Most shops, bars and restaurants have also reopened in Greece, but there are limits on the amount of customers allowed in at one time.

    Travel to Spain

    Although the State of Emergency was ended in Spain on 21st June, a small number of local outbreaks have occured in certain locations in the country. You can consult this map to ensure you are not travelling to any of these areas.

    On holiday in Spain you must keep 1.5 metres social distance, and it is mandatory to use face masks in public spaces if you are over the age of six (see kids face masks here). A strict trace and trace system is also in place in the country, meaning all shops, businesses and transport companies are obliged to keep peoples contact information for up to four weeks.


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    As with most other countries, safety and social distancing measures are in place in spaces like bars and restaurants, booking systems are also in place at some beaches.

    It’s also worth noting that if visitors test positive, or develop Covid-19 symptoms during their stay, they may be moved to specific designated accommodation to prevent further spread.

    Travel to Croatia

    British travellers are permitted to holiday in Croatia without restriction, but all foreign visitors must complete a form before entering.

    Wearing a mask in Croatia is only mandatory on public transport, with social distancing of 1.5 metres to be observed on beaches, restaurants, bars and outdoors at various national parks.

    It’s also worth bearing in mind that although Croatia has seen rather small numbers of coronavirus cases, there has been a slight resurgence in recent weeks.

    Where else can you holiday?

    Holiday makers can travel to these other countries too.

    Western Europe

    • Andorra
    • Belgium
    • Luxembourg
    • Monaco

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    Central Europe

    • Liechtenstein
    • Czech Republic
    • Poland
    • Switzerland

    Northern Europe

    • Denmark

    Southern Europe

    • San Marino
    • Turkey

    Brits can also travel to Gibraltar, a British Overseas Territory.