Ten great value drinks

It’s easy to get into the habit of putting the same drinks into your basket every time you go shopping, but you could be saving yourself a fortune by thinking twice. Have a look at our list of popular brands with their equivalents from Tesco’s Everyday Value range and see how much you could save.

Princes Apple Juice 1 litre, £0.79 Everyday Value Apple Juice 1 litre, £0.56
Saving: £0.23

Robinsons Double Concentrate Orange Squash 1.75ml (21p per 100ml), £3.65 Everyday Value Double Strength Orange Squash 750ml (4p per 100ml), £0.29 = £3 equivalent
Saving: £0.65

Tetley Softpack 160 Teabags 500g, £4.30 (£0.86/100g)
Everyday Value 80 Teabags 250g, £0.27 (0.11/100g) 54p equivalent
Saving: £3.76

Nescafe Original Coffee 100g, £2.68 Everyday Value Coffee Granules 100g, £0.47
Saving: £2.21

Hot chocolate
Cadbury Fair Trade Hot Chocolate Instant 400g, £2.89 Everyday Value Instant Hot Chocolate Drink 400g, £0.48
Saving: £2.41

Diet Coke 2 Litre Bottle, £1.98 Everyday Value Sugar Free Cola 2 Litre Bottle, £0.17
Saving: £1.81

Clearview Sparkling Spring Water 2 Litre, £0.25 Everyday Value Sparkling Water 2 Litre, £0.17
Saving: £0.08

Nestle Pure Life Still Spring Water 2 Litre £0.65 Everyday Value Still Water 2 Litre £.0.17
Saving: £0.48

Yogurt drinks
Muller Vitality Strawberry Drink 6 x 100g, £1.99 Everyday Value Strawberry Yogurt Drink 6x100g, £1.00 Saving: £0.99

Drinks cartons for school
Capri Sun Orange 10x200ml, £2.99 (£0.15/100ml)
Everyday Value Orange Juice 3x200ml £0.45 (£0.08/100ml) Equivalent, £1.50 Saving: £1.49

Usual cost: £22.17 Total Tesco Everyday Value cost: £8.06
Total saving: £14.11

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