38 of the most magical pumpkins we have ever seen

Pumpkin carving has been getting more and more competitive each year and we hate to break the news to you, but you’re really going to have to up your game to keep up with the big dogs. Firstly you must learn how to carve a pumpkin

, then let your imagination run wild!

Of course, there are always going to be some jokers who opt for somewhat inappropriate styles:

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But the rest of these pumpkins are far from it! We could hardly believe our peepers when we saw all the magically creative things people had made a humble pumpkin into, and had to share these incredible ideas with you.

Don’t worry if you’re feeling slightly inadequate now about your own pumpkin carving/decorating skills, we know the feeling! But the real question is, which is your favourite?

What to do with leftover pumpkin

If you are going to carve yours, don’t waste the flesh and seeds! Recent reports claim that Britons waste 18,000 tonnes of pumpkin every Halloween by buying pumpkins, purely for carving. Carve away we say, but hollow out the flesh carefully and transform it into a pie, a pudding or a delicious silky smooth and seasonal soup.

If you’ve got lots of seeds on your hands, toss them in olive oil, salt and pepper and roast them for a few minute until golden- these guys
make delicious snacks.

A top tip from pumpkin-carving experts the world over is to include a small sachet of silicone gel, those little packets you get in new shoe boxes, in the bottom of your carved pumpkin. This absorbs the moisture and prevents your masterpiece from going soggy too soon.

Now for the some inspiration…

Keep Halloween scary this year by attempting to scultpta gruesome pumpkin pal

Source: coolpumpkindesigns.blogspot.co.uk

Transform mini pumpkins into cute vampires with a pair of fangs and a couple of drawing pins

Source: babble.com

Holes drilled into a pumpkin makes for a surprisingly delicate effect

Source: rocaberryfarm.com

Managed to find some elusive coloured pumpkins? Lucky you, turn them into toadstools!

Source: marthastewart.com

If you’re still saving for that designer handbag, why not make a pumpkin version of it? Ok, it’s a bit weird

Source: everything-beautiful.com

Halloween is hard on the nerves. Make a drink cooler that will service the season as well as your needs

Source: marthastewart.com

Pumpkins shouldn’t always have to be scary. Just look at how cute this caterpiller is!

Source: worthingcourtblog.com

Probably don’t try this one…

Source: coolpumpkindesigns.blogspot.co.uk

Hello, kitty!

Source: settostunning.com

If you don’t like to eat pumpkin seeds, the next best use for them is to make vomit from them. The kids will love this one

Source: coolpumpkindesigns.blogspot.co.uk

Princess pumpkins are definitely a thing

But how did they know what our dream pumpkin looked like? 

Source: worthingcourtblog.com

Cinderella’s carriage looks like it’s fallen straight out of storybook

Source: settostunning.com

Stuck for ideas? Just find a cute child to accessorise your pumpkin

Preferably dress the child as a pumpkin too.

 Source: parentdish.co.uk 

Make sure everyone knows who’s boss by monogramming your pumpkin this year

Source: jenthebossybigsister.blogspot.co.uk

Stop what you’re doing! Here is another baby in a pumpkin

You’re welcome.

Source: parentdish.co.uk

Why is a pumpkin eating a smaller pumpkin so funny? Tough luck, little guy 🙁

Source: santamonicacloseup.com

Make a pumpkin portrait of your dog – or maybe join a self-help group

Source: m.blogher.com

Go crazy and carve your pumpkin on its side to get a wide (and creepy) face

Source: liveworktravelusa.com

Not especially crafty? Spray your pumpkins in adhesive spray and press on net to make these spooky centerpieces  

Source: laurenconrad.com

You’re probably not going to be able to do this, but we think everyone should see this guy

We’ll probably be seeing him in our nightmares…

Source: Janet Caen on Pinterest

Melted crayons, blasted with a hairdrier, turns a pumpkin into a cool craft project

 Source: craftymorning.com

Oh hi Mr. Friendly Whale, you’re cute and we like you

Source: brit.co

Kind of gross but also effective, this mouse hole hell gives us the creeps

Source: dishfunctionaldesigns.blogspot.co.uk

See what they did here? They’re Jack-O-Lanterns, clever

Source: countryliving.com

Paint your pumpkin and grab some permanant markers to make these beautiful birds

Source: lilblueboo.com

Wrap your pumpkin pal in some bandages to make a funny mummy

Source: parentmap.com

Gosh, he looks like he’s seen a ghost. Paint your pumpkin white to make your very own spirit-sculpture

Source: halloweenforum.com

Sweet and a little creepy, this little number is inspired by Mexico’s Day of the Dead celebrations

Source: dishfunctionaldesigns.blogspot.co.uk

With stick on gems, a little paint and an old witch’s hat you can take your pumpkin from drab to fab in minutes

Source: apumpkinandaprincess.com

Put that narled old stalk to good use by making it a twisted nose

Source: smithandratliff.com

A Frozen-inspired pumpkin is what a lot of little girls will be hoping for this Halloween

Source: apumpkinandaprincess.com

Making food look like even better food is genius. Welcome doughnut pumpkins, to our lives

Source: studiodiy.com

We can’t stop looking at this carousel pumpkin. The top is held up on skewers. So. Pretty

Source: thisoldhouse.com

Any reason to include cats works for us

Source: socialvixen.com

Carved for a competition? This guy is taking pumpkin carving to the next level

Source: pondly.com

Gold pumpkins are a thing. And we like

Source: applesandonions.com

A pumpkin inside another pumpkin is a wonderful thing

 Source: Courtney Bailey on Pinterest

Aw, baby hedgehog pumpkins

Get the illuminated spikes by drilling holes in your pumpkin and feeding fairy lights through them

Source: popsugar.com

What pumpkin designs will you be carving this year? Tell us – or show us – below…