A Bad Hair Month

I’ve always loved hair. From childhood days playing with a Girls World, to my first job as a Saturday girl in a hairdressers, and to my time as Beauty Editor on a hair magazine. And I’ve always thought that our hair is closer to our mind than we realise – i.e. it affects the way we think. If our hair looks good we feel good, if it’s bad, then we feel bad, hence the phrase bad hair day.

I’m having a bad hair month right now. It’s got too long and it makes me look old – I hate it and because of this I feel older – do you know what I mean?

I love Victoria Beckham’s new crop, and I’m tempted to do something drastic myself, although I know that the reason it looks so good is that she has a fab hairdresser attending to her hairy needs 24/7. I’ve seen plenty of models and celebs with bad hair transformed by the tricks of great hairdressers!

So, this weekend, I’ve made an appointment with my fave hairdresser (Scott – and he’s quite sexy) and I’m going for the chop! Well, sort of, I might just have a few inches off…