A White Christmas for Laura?

The best thing that’s happened to Laura White is being voted off X Factor. It’s almost irrelevant now whether she deserved it (personally I don’t think she did) because what she’s had since is as much, if not more, publicity than the eventual winner.

The one thing I don’t think Simon and his cronies should do though it put her back in the show. For whatever reason, she didn’t get as many votes on Saturday as the other contestants and ended up in the bottom two. Would Diana have been in there if she’d been fit to sing? Probably not.

Instead Laura has become the nation’s sweetheart. Not only do 88% of you think she should’ve stayed, thousands more have petitioned to have her back this Saturday.

So Ms White, your star is shining bright right now. The best thing you can do now is rush out that debut single and see if you can make it to the New Year’s No.1 after the X Factor winner’s Christmas No.1. I’d say she’s got a pretty good chance…