Absolutely cab-ulous

A Chinese taxi-driver has become a huge hit after putting a karaoke machine into his car, so his customers can croon along while he’s taking them to their chosen destination.

Fan Xiaoming from Changchun says the passengers’ singing doesn’t distract him from driving, since he already knows all the songs and it’s just like listening to the radio.

Now, I don’t know what Chinese radio is like but if I was listening, I’d want to hear the Tom Jones version of It’s Not Unusual not the Edna Jones from Coventry rendition.

Anyway, to keep in with the spirit of Fan’s karaoke cab, we’ve come up with three songs we think he should have available.

– Car-ma Car-meleon – Joe Le Taxi – Life Is A Cab-aret

And just for your entertainment, a well-known video of a couple of Chinese guys doing a very funny karaoke version of The Backstreet Boys. Enjoy!