Alex Edwards

Name: Alex Edwards Age: 20 Occupation: Trainee at Alcatel France Location: Canterbury, Kent

Alex spent last summer living in Madrid, is currently enjoying the Parisian way of life, and will be spending the spring in Seville – and feels languages are the key to his jet setting lifestyle.

Despite not considering himself a natural linguist, having learned French at school Alex chose to take French and Spanish at university and is now working as a trainee for multinational telecoms firm Alcatel-lucent in Paris. Alex feels his skills have opened him up to some fantastic new experiences and that anyone can learn a language if they have the motivation. For him, the main benefits have been the opportunities to travel and the people he’s met from all over the world.

As he says,

“I never felt I was a natural linguist at school but I persevered with it – and that determination has really paid off. Learning a language has helped me understand more about British culture and I’ve met some amazing people from other parts of the world as a result. I believe having a language means you’ll always have something extra to offer an employer, and that this will only get more important as business becomes more globalised – for example, my French has landed me an internship at one of Europe’s largest multinational firms!”